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What began with a dream of a coffeehouse has grown into a family business.
At our place you can have a breakfast with crackling freshly baked desiccated bread, a cup of steaming coffee and unique dishes all day long.
Enjoy a quiet and healthy start to your day in a homey atmosphere where you can also enjoy extensive brunch, lunch and aperitifs or stop by for our extensive afternoon tea, in advance by phone in advance by phone and Saturdays only from 2:30 p.m. 
Our offerings are homemade, supplemented with local and fresh products. Adjustments to our dishes are not possible.
Feel free to pop in for a take-away latte, cappuccino, chai, ... 
Just stop by or make a reservation (desirable) by emailing info@kotteekaffee.be or calling 0493 53 87 60.
Reservations will be cancelled after 15 minutes of tardiness. Please only let us know by phone if you will be late.

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Vacation 2023

closed from:

- 24/12/23 to 27/12/23

- 31/12/23 to 3/01/24